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Quick Facts

Our team formed in 2007. We've gained wide experience in software development as well as telecom based architecture, developing software for large service providers. We've become aware of demands relevant for network operators, and now we've joined to create our own product - the network quality assurance system Six Quarks V first launched in 2012. Our probes are built on specially designed hardware. Our unique solution is a result of combining the original software designed and developed in our development centers with the power of special hardware platform. Networks with thousands of our probes are managed through the flexible and functional portal, which also offers vivid and comprehensible visualization of the controlled network. Probes and portal are consolidated in a single living organism by the core, which is designed from scratch for flexible extension and efficient functioning with a large number of probes.


We are developing Six Quarks V adding new functional elements with the regard of our customers' requirements. The hardware of our probes is also being successfully improved and modernized. Having gained enough experience in software development we aren't going to restrict ourselves to Six Quarks V, and our new solutions are in the making.

Development Center

Six Quarks Development Center

Software development center is located in Moscow, Russia. The special hardware is developed and produced in Asia by our partners.