Six Quarks

The Six Quarks V

Integration Capabilities

The performance assurance system for a large network is hard to imagine ignoring the rest IT-infrastructure of the enterprise. Business processes and structure of the IT-department are based on the existing information systems. Installing a new system may result in noticeable expenses for changing the existing processes, discarding non-amortized equipment, and personnel retraining. To reduce these expenditures enterprises prefer to involve the former infrastructure into the newly installed system as much as possible.

The simple and harmonious integration of Six Quarks V

That's why the Six Quarks V core offers a set of mechanisms for quick, simple and effective integration of the system into the existing IT-infrastructure.

Six Quarks V may be integrated with the following information systems:

The core has the following open interfaces to connect to exterior systems:

The complex also notifies the customer's technical assistance team about the network state via e-mail and SMS.