Six Quarks

Portal of Six Quarks V

About the Portal

The portal of Six Quarks V system is a full-functional and ergonomic tool for network quality assurance. Portal allows to visualize the test results, set up tests on probes, and manage all systems of the complex. The portal provides virtualization and clusterization.

The portal maintains a flexible model of access distribution to different functional elements. The real-time monitor controls current network status while the flexible instrument of data selection and report constructor with data correlation functionality offers easy access to historical data of any depth and resolution.

The portal doesn't require any extra tools on the users' workstations, basic web-browser functionality is quite enough.

The portal supports all up-to-date and the most advanced web-mechanisms: SSL, AJAX, JS, and others.

Key features of the portal

Key features of the portal:

The portal provides facilitation tools for running installations with multiple probes due to hierarchical organization and structuring of probes and tests. The portal offers revolutionary possibilities for correlating measurement results for the most accurate and efficient trouble localization and reliable network quality assurance.

The portal can have multiple localizations assigned on per-user basis.