Six Quarks

Six Quarks SQ Probes

SQ100 - discontinued

Six Quarks SQ100 probe

Historically the first Six Quarks probe. This model stands at the beginning of Six Quarks V system. The first engineering samples of SQ100 probe came into service before the system was officially launched in 2011, and they served as a ground for trying out Six Quarks solution. Nevertheless these probes were full-service models supporting all test types of the second version of the system. Discontinued in 2013.

Basic capabilities

Packet network quality assurance

up to 10 us, up to 60 tests

Voice delivery quality assurance

IPTV quality assurance

up to 80 Mb/s

Network service quality assurance

Echo control

Ethernet OAM control

Construction without movable parts

External power unit

Installation in a 19” rack


Console port


KVM ports

FE ports


GE copper ports


GE optical ports


Expansion card slots


In-line installation


Built-in web-interface

IP MPLS support

802.1q support

Physical parameters

Width, mm


Depth, mm


Height, mm


Weight, kg


Consumed power


Temperature range


Humidity requirements